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American Built Systems is a manufacturer of wood floor trusses, wall panels, and roof trusses. American Built Systems was established in 1997 as a supplier of building components for building professionals and do it yourselfers and has a staff of highly trained individuals. The American Built Systems staff is the backbone of our company. Their dedication, expertise, and professionalism are the driving force that makes American Built Systems the type of organization that produces the quality and reliable components demanded by building professionals.

American Built Systems has a 102,000 square foot facility located in Plainfield, Illinois with 72,000 square feet used for manufacturing. Our facility is equipped with state of the art manufacturing equipment that produces high quality building components with precision and efficiency.

The construction industry has been rapidly moving into the panelized component arena. American Built Systems has options and services that set us apart from other component manufacturers. Many of these options are huge time, material, and money savers to our customers. Call or e-mail us today our staff is poised to help you in any way we can.

Customer Information for Deliveries

Customer on Site: Although not mandatory, it is desirable for a representative of the customer to be on site during the delivery.

Onsite directions: Be prepared to show the driver the preferred drop site or have the area clearly marked in advance. Driveways, sidewalks, landscaping: Keep in mind certain factors may prevent ABS from placing materials in a desired location. The weight of a delivery truck can cause damage to certain surfaces therefore our driver may determine that the safest place to place the product due to their weight and size may be different than the desired location.

Overhead concerns with crane & roll off deliveries: When scheduling a delivery be sure to let ABS know at the time of scheduling about any power lines, trees, or other overhead objects that could obstruct the delivery. The truck can not operate within 10' horizontally or 30' vertically of power lines due to electrocution hazards. Operations may be limited on steep grades as well.

Underground concerns: The location of septic tanks, sprinkler systems, buffalo boxes, underground drains and utility lines are all delivery concerns. The truck could damage any of these items. It is the customer's sole responsibility to advise the driver of their presence.

People/Pets: For the safety of the people and pets, please keep them out of the vicinity during the delivery. Drivers are unable to see objects in their mirrors that are directly behind the truck.

Weather: Take weather conditions into consideration. lf the ground is wet, it may be difficult for the truck to deliver without damaging the grass or landscaping. We can reschedule deliveries because of weather concerns with advance notice and prior to our truck leaving the yard. Availability is on a first-come first served basis.

General: There are many factors that may prevent a product from being placed in a certain area. Our drivers decisions will be made on the basis of potential safety hazards and property damage. Please remember that while we do our best to satisfy your requests, our 1st commitment is the safety of everyone involved.

Damages: Our drivers are trained to ensure they can handle jobsite conditions, however, on occasion there are unknown hazards not visible or detectable at the jobsite. As much as we try to prevent damage please be aware that certain conditions are beyond our control. Delivery trucks, especially when loaded may leave ruts in the ground or become stuck when off road, A stone driveway is the preferred dump location in most cases. Customers who choose to have trucks leave stoned or paved surfaces assume all responsibility for damages.

Permission to enter site: Since it is necessary for our truck to enter your property for the purpose of delivery and given the potential for at least some measure of property damage due to the size and weight of the truck and/or product, we ask that you give us permission to enter your property for that purpose. Our driver will have you sign and date the delivery ticket prior to entry on the site and unloading the product.

Payment if COD: Prior to unloading any materials the driver will request payment. Certified check or cash are the only payment methods accepted. Cash payments must be exact. ABS drivers do not carry change.

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